- about us -

@ Makenter
we tell the stories and sell the products
of new makers and designers.

About Us

We search for high quality, unique, and timeless products made by emerging makers with rich stories and introduce them to you.

From leather, wood, textiles, jewelry, and home goods to a range of accessories, each product is a classic, available in limited quantity, and exclusively at Makenter.

About Us

The stories of our makers and designers are equally diverse.

From 20-something upstarts... to multi-generational talents... to accidental creators whose work markets itself... we tell you their story.

Learn about who they are, what they love, where they source, and why they create.

About Us

- our philosophy -

We believe in simplicity, quality, and values.

At Makenter, we buy well-made products that will last us years to come. Practicality and timelessness outweighs cheap, seasonal, or trendy. We want to meet the real men and women behind each product. Their story is an intrinsic part of the product. We believe that the things we buy should have a net positive effect on the world. Every dollar is a vote and we want to support makers with beautiful and meaningful products.

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