How to wrap a bottle with Japanese furoshiki

How to wrap wine bottle in furoshiki

Furoshiki literally means "bath spread". It originated as a way to wrap up your clothes in a bundle while you bathed at a Japanese bath house. Over the centuries, the Japanese started using various folding techniques to wrap the furoshiki around a variety of things for the transport.

The furoshiki started serving as a tote of sorts or could be used a lunch bag or even a way to wrap gifts. There is an even a Vibram furoshiki shoe that metaphorically wraps your foot. And there are about a zillion different ways you can use this otherwise simple, square piece of cotton cloth - a few of which we'll cover step by step.

Two Bottle Wrap

This is a great way to wrap one or two glass bottles of wine or drink of your choice for a special event or gift. And since furoshiki is so versatile, you're actually gifting twice because the lucky recipient will be able to reuse the furoshiki as a scarf, carryall, wall decor, tablecloth... and well the list goes on!

Step 1: Lay your furoshiki flat and smooth out any folds or creases. Orient like a diamond rather than a square.

Step 2: Place your bottles side by side in the center of the furoshiki. Then lay the bottles sideways towards opposite corners of the furoshiki.

Place wine bottles on furoshiki clothLay wine bottles sideways on furoshiki cloth

Step 3: Take one of the corners that does not have a bottle pointing towards it and draw it toward to the opposite corner until the corners are touching and you have a triangle.

Pull one corner of the furoshiki to the opposite cornerDraw one corner to the opposite corner until you have a triangle

Step 4: The bottles are now encased in the furoshiki. Take the bottles (and the covering cloth) and begin rolling towards the tip of the triangle, wrapping as you go.

Roll wine bottles towards tip of furoshikiRoll wine bottles along with the furoshiki cloth

Step 5: Now you have a long hollow fabric stick of sorts. Take one bottle and draw it towards the other bottle to create a U shape.

Bring one wine bottle towards the other bottle in the furoshikiCreate a U shape with the bottles in the furoshiki

Step 6: You're almost done! Just tie the ends two or three times and you're ready to go!

Tie the tops of furoshiki wine bottle wrap

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