Black yaopon tea with tea bag container
  • Black yaopon tea with tea bag container
  • roasted black yaopon tea with warm texture
  • Resealable tea bag and black yaopon tea
  • Loose leaf black yaopon tea
  • Catspring recycled paper tea bag
  • Yaopon black tea in apple pie, chai tea, and regular flavors.

Loose Leaf Yaupon Black Tea

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Yaupon is the only caffeine source that is native to the United States.

Related to the popular yerba mate and guayasa, yaupon leaves are a great source of antioxidants. It's tea offers theobromine levels that a bit less than coffee and higher than traditional black tea.

  • Loose leaf black yaupon tea, in 1oz or 2oz resealable bags
  • Regular black, apple pie, and chai tea flavors
Details & Care

The taste of the black yaupon tea from Cat Spring Tea has been described as a fine tasting, roasted flavor with a very complex, smoky, fermented taste of aged white pepper, Phellodendron bark, and a faint background hint of burnt ginseng. Reminiscent of both roasted yerba mate and Hojicha, the Japanese roasted tea.

Steep a half tablespoon of loose leaf tea in two cups of hot water. Cat Spring's black tea has a slightly sweet taste and no tannins, and so can be enjoyed with or without milk or sugar. So drink straight or add some lemon and honey for a rejuvenating hot drink.

The tea leaves are also robust, and can be steeped more than once in fresh hot water.


  • Yaupon Holly


  • Texas


Grown, harvested, and packaged in Cat Spring, Texas
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Maker Spotlight: Cat Spring Tea

JennaDee and Abianne Miller Falla, owners of Cat Spring yaopon tea